The Giant Farmers Market

Fun fact: I live near the largest and oldest flea market in Florida.  It’s 40 acres.  That is also where our farmers market happens to be from Saturday-Monday!  

Our kitchen is so tiny that our fridge door doesn’t open all the way

Since I’m a waitress, I usually never got to go to the farmers markets back in Illinois.  I worked every Saturday and Sunday morning until almost 4/5 in the afternoon.  I would be taking a huge paycut to not work those days, so it just never seemed worth it.  So imagine my surprise when my neighbor down here in Florida let me know that the farmers market is open on Mondays here!  I almost always have Mondays off and, y’all, I was embarrassingly excited. 

To put it nicely: this place was huge. 

To put it in real terms: this place was incredibly overwhelming. 

40 acres is a lot, y’all.  My husband and I had to hunt for the produce area for almost an hour.  But when we found it…. I was in heaven!  Kale, corn, peppers, apples, Honeybell oranges, spinach, berries, pears, everything I could think of wanting, it was there. 

It was fantastic to see my husband get excited about picking out fresh produce as well, since he has been pretty lackluster about the veggies I pick up from Publix.  Tuesday morning, he was making a green  smoothie -which he hasn’t made in months!  The prices were amazing, the selection was amazing, and I already can’t wait to go back  again!  We thought the $25 worth of produce we got would last us 2 weeeks, but I may be going back on Monday if my green smoothie buddy stays strong! 

I’ll definitely be taking more pictures next time I go back since it probably won’t be as crowded on a non-holiday.  I’ll also be revisiting two of my favorite vendors who let me know that it was great that I was using reusable bags and had given us some extra culled produce when they saw how excited we were about their foods! 


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