So The Internet Tells You To Meal Prep

It’s true, right?  It’s all over the Internet.  Meal prepping will save your budget.  Meal prepping will cut down on food waste.  Meal prepping will keep you healthy.  Meal prepping will basically save your life, according to the popular opinion of the Internet.  But you know what no one tells you?  Meal prepping is boring

I’m a creature of habit, so I do usually end up eating the same meals over and over.  I also am a horrible cook and have very limited recipes up my sleeve, but that’s just an extra detail.  I probably eat potato fries at least three nights a week, overnight oats every morning I work, and tofu scrambles for most of my lunches.  It works for me.   What doesn’t work for me is portioning all of my meals into organized tupperwares and that is my diet for the week. 

“Oh boy, look how appetizing that tofu scramble looks!” -Said no one, ever.

Now I’m supposed to portion this out into organized little tubs and be happy with my meals for the next few days (minus the overnight oats, because I’m going to demolish those tomorrow morning). 

But it doesn’t work like that.  I don’t like being forced into eating the same stuff all the time.  And when I meal prep, I feel pressured into eating only what I’ve already made and I feel outrageously guilty if I fix something else that I didn’t have prepped.  I’m also not always hungry for the same portion of food, either.  Sometimes for lunch, I only want a small bowl.  Sometimes for lunch, I want a whole platter.  The convenience is great since I work an hour away from my house and I go to a gym while I’m out there, but I just don’t like the pressure to only eat certain meals.  Part of what I love about being vegan is the options and creativity I can have with my meals.  Somehow, I feel like meal prepping sabotages that for me. 

That being said, I’m still going to meal prep.  Because it DOES cut down on our grocery bill, it DOES reduce my food waste, and it DOES make me eat healthier….. but I’m not going to be thrilled about it and the internet and fancy bento boxes can’t make me. 


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