The Dog Question

“Are your dogs vegan? Because I read…” If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if my dogs were vegan in a weird stage whisper the second they find out I’m a vegan pet-owner, I would have enough money to shop at Whole Foods.

The short answer: No.

The longer short answer: No, because I don’t feel comfortable or like I have enough knowledge to make 4 different dog’s food.


Kitty hiding from dumb questions


The long answer: No, because I don’t know enough about each of my dog’s diet to custom make them food nor can we afford to do that right now.

Ronnie suffers from head tremors when he is stressed or eating certain dog foods.  He also has recovered from skin issues and joint issues due to his rough upbringing.  He takes a vitamin and has dog food specifically for keeping his skin nice and it also happens to not give him head tremors.

Kitty had Parvo when she was young and almost died.  She lost every bit of muscle she had.  We spent over a month mixing high-calorie wet dog food with dry food and continued that process until she became a healthy weight for her age.  Now, she eats over 5 cups of dry food a day, gets a vitamin, and her dog food is aimed towards large dogs in order to keep her joints healthy.

Cyprus eats sticks in the backyard, bugs, lizards, and just about anything we don’t pull out of her mouth fast enough.  She’s our little hunter.  If I could switch any dog to a vegan diet, it would probably be her just because of how easy going she is.  She eats 2 cups of food a day, inhales that food, and immediately wants to go back outside to try to catch squirrels or birds.  She’s just not picky and has yet to present a single health issue.

Buddy is a recent addition to our family and came with two buckets of dog food.  To be honest, I think he deserves some better quality dog food.  But he’s also currently our foster dog and I don’t want to get him or his digestive system used to a vegan diet, only for his possible new family to be upset that he doesn’t eat normal dry food.  He’s not a huge eater anyways, and I don’t have a comprehensive health background for him, so I’m not going to risk it.

I tip my hat to anyone who can feed their dogs vegan, gets it approved by their vet, and has a wonderful, healthy vegan dog.  That’s just not in the cards for us right now.  My dogs are all healthy, which seems like a miracle after all the health issues we have had with Kitty and Ronnie.  I will do anything within my power to keep them healthy and right now they are all flourishing on their specific dog foods.  Down the line, when we have a more stable and increased income, I may do more research on vegan dog foods for future dogs in our lives.  I’m definitely not opposed to the idea.  My top priority is keeping my dogs healthy and happy though and, as of right now as they are sleeping and relaxing in the cooler weather, I’m succeeding.


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