The Laundry Situation

We are living in a 500sqft studio-style house that does not have a washer or dryer hookup.  I went from being able to throw my clothes in the dryer to dewrinkle them to having to drive 10 minutes to go waste money at a laundromat where some older ladies judge me for wearing sweatpants and boots (clearly I’m only here because I’m out of socks, Gertrude, go back to reading your outdated Good Housekeeping magazine). 

My husband wants laundry to be convenient and I understand that.  But I’m tired of spending almost 10 dollars to wash one full load of laundry just about every week!  That doesn’t include any towels or bedsheets.  So I need some help. 

  • Do I get one of those Wonder Wash tub things off of Amazon?  I’m washing delicates in my sink already, so this wouldn’t be a huge shift. 
  • Do I only dry clothes at the laundromat?  It’s the cheaper of the washing/drying combo. 
  • Do I try to find a way to hang a clothesline that my dogs won’t mess with in our large yard?  A cheap one, because we’re on a budget.  

We’re working our way through our leftover laundry detergent before I DIY that, but do any minimalist and/or zero-waste people have any tips for getting laundry done without a laundromat and without a washer/dryer?  And a clothesline that doesn’t have to look Pinterest-worthy, but is dog-proof?  


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