Meet The Rascals

My husband and I never planned on having 4 dogs running around in our backyard.   Ronnie was an intended adoption.  After moving in together, we adopted Ronnie three months later from a humane society over an hour away.  He didn’t do too well with larger dogs, so we planned on adopting a Cane Corso puppy (Kitty) in order to establish a better relationship with larger dogs.  My husband found Cyprus literally on the side of the road just over a week before we were supposed to pick up Kitty.  I became too attached to give her over to our lackluster humane society.  We were a family of 5 for a while.

Then came Buddy (legally, Budweiser).  After moving to Florida, we wanted to help out at our local humane society.  We were appalled at how short of a “safe period” these dogs get since they are paired with our local Animal Services.  The Humane Society is “no kill”, but they can “transfer” the animals to Animal Services right next door.  We met Buddy and we need we couldn’t let him die just because he had attacked his previous owner’s ~free roaming~ chickens.

So, without further delay…

Meet The Rascals



Age: 5-ish?

Breed: Pitbull/Bulldog

Most  Likely To: Sleep Through Breakfast




Age: 1-ish?

Breed: Mystery

Most Likely To: Dig A Fully Functional Tunnel


Age: 1

Breed: Cane Corso

Most Likely To: Accidentally Knock Over Everything


Age: 3

Breed: Pitbull

Most Likely To: Slobber Over Everything



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